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Walt-Bennet Relationship
Walt and Bennet 2x03.png
General Information
Nickname: Wennet
Intimacy Level: Dating

The Walt-Bennet Relationship, commonly known as Wennet, is the relationship between Walt Reynolds and Bennet Wilcox.


TV Show[]

They meet in Fright Night, and Bennet kisses Walt and he is shocked and disgusted by Bennet. In Identity Crisis, Walt comes out to Carrie by saying he likes Bennet. Then in Kiss Yesterday Goodbye, he confesses his feelings and share a kiss, but due to Walt being underage, Bennet wanted to wait till he is 18, to make it legal.

In Express Yourself, They start their first relationship, but not exclusively.

In Borderline, one of the employees flirts with Walt and asks him out, Bennet encourages him to go out, due to them not being exclusive.

When Walt and his date arrive to go on a date, Bennet is there "waiting" for them to see if they "arrived okay", but Bennet later tells Walt he wants to be exclusive, and their second relationship began.

Book Series[]

In the book series, Bennet does not appear