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Miller Kemp
General Information

about 1965


Just Graduated




Dorrit Bradshaw (ex-girlfriend)

Series information
Portrayed by

Evan Crooks

First episode

"The Long and Winding Road Not Taken"

Last episode

"Too Close for Comfort"

Miller Kemp is Dorrit's ex-boyfriend that she met while shoplifting at a record store buying a gift for her older sister Carrie for her birthday. Miller was also Dorrit's first kiss, and first sex partner. Miller is played by Evan Crooks. It is revealed by Sebastian that Miller is a senior at one of the school's that he was kicked out of. In season 2, Miller goes over the Bradshaw house to meet Tom. Dorrit and Miller break up in 'Too Close For Comfort.'

Physical Appearance[]

Miller has brown hair, and light brown eyes. He often wears plaid shirts paired with a white undershirt. He also wears fitted denim jeans. He is really attractive, some might call him a sex god. Rather gorgeous in every way actually. Miller also tends to wear band shirts with his flannel...


Miller is Dorrit's first boyfriend and first kiss. 

Miller understands what Dorrit goes through. She can relate to him. He is also a gentleman, and doesn't care what Dorrit looks like.

Dorrit and Miller Season 2

He doesn't want her to change anything about herself, even how she looks or dresses, for him. He likes her for who she is. One night, Miller covers his bed and room in rose petals and candles to make the night special. Dorrit cries as she felt so happy and excited for what's to come.

Dorrit and Miller Season 1