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Larissa Loughlin Silver
General Information

Magazine editor


unknown (father)
unknown (mother)
Harlan Silver (husband)
George Silver (step-son)


Carrie Bradshaw (friend)
Bennet Wilcox (friend)

Series information
Portrayed by

Freema Agyeman

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I collect people.
— Larissa

Larissa Loughlin is one of the central characters of The Carrie Diaries, in which is portrayed by Freema Agyeman. Larissa, previously an editor at Interview magazine, serves as a mentor of sorts to Carrie Bradshaw in New York.


Season 1[]

Larissa first encounters Carrie in the store "Century 21" after grabbing Carrie's purse. Taken aback, Carrie's first instincts were to fend off Larissa, but it is soon made clear that Larissa meant no harm and instead was interested in featuring her purse in a photoshoot. From then on, Larissa and Carrie regularly meet up, with Larissa inviting Carrie to an array of events over the course of the season.

Season 2[]

In this season,Larissa is seen given advice to Carrie, about having a long distance relationship. Also Larissa, marries Harlan.


Larissa is an animal when it comes to parties, and is known to drink and take drugs during some of the more erratic ones. She is outgoing, and generally doesn't care what most people think of her. She gives advice, like the time when she told Carrie's dad to let her work for her because she had a bright future. Also, because she helped with some sex tips with women.

Physical Appearance[]

Her fashion taste is impeccable, as she is always sporting the trendiest outfits. She wears bold makeup and likes to change up her look from time to time. Her skin is a shade of a rich brown-tan color. She has big wide brown eyes, and also very straight white teeth. Before coming to New York, she lived in England as we can tell by her 'Queen's English' British accent.


Larissa is known for her hook-ups & one night stands. Not much is known about any possible previous relationships.

In season 2 Larissa marries Harlan Silver, a friend of Carrie's dad.



Book Comparisons[]

  • The character of Larissa Loughlin appears in the novel The Carrie Diaries. She is portrayed mostly accurately as the book describes her to be.