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Dorrit-Miller Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Mirrit
Intimacy Level: Had Sex (Dorrits first time, first boyfriend, and first kiss)
Dating Status: Exes

The Dorrit-Miller Relationship, commonly known as Mirrit, was the relationship between Dorrit Bradshaw and Miller Kemp.


Season 1 recap[]

In the episode "The long and winding road not taken" Dorrit meets Miller at the record store where he works. He caught her shoplifting, instead of turning her in he taught her how to do it better. Only after locking her in the back closet of the store. Later in the episode she returns to the store ranting about his taste in music. He calls her eyes pretty when he is teaching her how to shoplift properly. Even later in the episode Miller tells Dorrit that everything happens for a reason and that the reason she took the tapes was so this would happen you and me. He asked her had anyone ever kissed you Dorrit she replies with no. Seconds after she says that they he asks if he could be the first to kiss her. She replies with a very enthusiastic yes! In episode "Kiss yesterday goodbye" Dorris and Miller had and intimate connection as Dorris keeps wondering will it hurt, will she be different, and miller says he'll make it special for her.

In the episode "A first time for everything" Miller lends Dorrit a book, they discuss it at his apartment. She says how differently he makes her view the world. Miller says that Dorrit has always known stuff, she's deep, that's why she hides behind all that make up and those clothes. Its like the armor she wears because she knows there's things out there to be scared of. But then Dorrit says she doesn't wear it because of that she does it to piss her dad off.

Season 2 recap