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Deb on the phone with Tom

"I would never expect you to forget your wife"


Deb was Tom Bradshaw's girlfriend. They met during a yoga class (recommended to Tom to meet girls) and yells at her for chewing her gum so loudly, somehow this strikes fire between them and they make out in her car. After several months of relationship Deb and Tom decide to introduce their children to one another. Deb's son after seeing a condom in Carrie's hand threatens to tell his mother unless the girls show him their boobs. To avoid this they tell him that if he doesn't shut up they would give him a life threatening wedgie. Scared, the boy runs to his mother who immediately sides with him. Later he is on the phone making fart noises while Tom is on the phone talking with a client. Evidently Tom goes to Deb to confront her about her son's behaviour, however she insists that Tom's girls are to blame and refuses to believe that her son had done anything wrong. Seeing that Deb not only babied but was also very delusional about her son. Tom breaks off the relationship happy to have done so.