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Bennet Wilcox
General Information

Columnist at Interview (formerly)


Walt Reynolds (boyfriend)


Larissa Loughton (friend)
Carrie Bradshaw (friend)

Series information
Portrayed by

Jake Robinson

First episode

"Fright Night"

Last episode

Sometimes it's good to be scared. It means it's real.
— Bennet

Bennet Wilcox is a minor character in The Carrie Diaries, portrayed by actor Jake Robinson. A former columnist at the magazine Interview alongside Larissa Loughton, Bennet met Carrie Bradshaw and Walt Reynolds at a Halloween party in Manhattan.


Season 1[]

Carrie meets Bennet when she starts working for Interview Magazine. The two become fast friends, and Bennet meets Walt. In Fright Night, Bennet kisses Walt, with negative effects. But the two make up, and Bennet is a big part of Walt's life by helping him accept the fact that he's gay and how to hide it at school. Near the end of Season 1, Bennet and Walt are becoming a love interest.

Season 2[]



Bennet is a kind and caring friend of Carrie, Larrissa and Walt. Bennet works for Interview Magazine. He is gay and helps Walt feel better and more accepting of himself.

Physical appearance[]

Bennet has dark brown hair, blue eyes and has a pale skin tone. He is handsome and cares much for his appearance.


Walt Reynolds []

Bennet (Jake Robinson) kisses Walt (Brenden Dooling) in Fright Night, which leads to negative results. When Walt and Bennet have another encounter in The Long and Winding Road Not Taken they apologize to each other. The two spend the night talking and flirting, which Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) sees and gets suspicious of. In episode thirteen he mentions a roommate named Stanford who works as a club promoter which could be an allusion to Stanford Blatch, Carrie's friend from the eighties in the original series.